New technology for the young and healthy skin! 

Venus Viva is the latest treatment with a new technology called Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency and Smartcan which reduces wrinkles and achne vounds on a high level. Good for every skin types and allowed in every season!
Venus Viva machine has the ability to manually control ablation and coagulation, and with waves of radio frequency it can correct textural irregularities as well as deep wrinkles, scars or stretch marks.
Painless, non-surgical treatment, fast recovery, immediate results.
  • NanoFractional RF + (MP)2+ SmartScan Technology
  • Superior depth of penetration
  • Fully customizable: Complete control of the ablation and coagulation capacity
  • Consistent and predictable clinical outcomes
  • Immediate and long term results
  • Safe for all skin types
venus viva előtte utána 
The experience:
  • decrease visible pores
  • reduce signs of aging
  • even out textural irregularities
  • reduce acne scars
  • diminish deep line and folds
  • correct neclace lines
  • tighten lax skin





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